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INSOMNIA is a medical term used for sleeplessness. It includes difficulty getting asleep or disturbed and interrupted sleep. There are two types of Insomnia.

Acute or Secondary Insomnia

Any emotional or physical distress can cause sleeplessness. But most of the time it is situational and it improves as soon as emotional or physical condition improves.It can be of any duration from few nights to few weeks , as per the situation in the background. Usually it improves without medication or with brief use of medicine. This is called Acute or Secondary Insomnia.

Chronic or Primary Insomnia

When the Insomnia is not directly related to any other disease and lasts long or in recurrent episodes of sleeplessness. It is termed as chronic or Primary Insomnia. It can be the sign of Anxiety and depression. It is a serious disease and should be taken note of at the earliest.

For permanent cure of Insomnia in Chandigarh and Mohali.

Holac Clinic provides best Homeopathic treatment for Insomnia. For complicated cases which are resistant even to homeopathy medicines can be cured with Acupuncture.

Acute Insomnia can be cured with few days of homeopathic treatment.Treatment is aimed to treat the underlying cause Which can be any physical discomfort like pain , fever , Injury or some emotional shock like death of some relative, business loss, family disputes or other day to day stresses.

Chronic Insomnia requires special intention as it can be the symptom of some serious underlying disease e.g.Anxiety, Depression or can lead to same type of diseases.

Acupuncture Treatment Of Insomnia

Chinese theory of Acupuncture is based on the Yin and Yang theory ( Normally called black and White, Positive and negative or male and female theory ). According to this theory  all organs of the body produce their own energy Qi  (Circulating life force). Every organ produces Its own energy . Some of them produce yin and others produce yang energy. They work in co-ordination to maintain the balance of yin and yang Qi . The balance of this Ying and Yang is Health and any imbalance is disease.

The Qi flows in fixed pathways called meridians. Every organ has its own meridian and they cross each other it different points to exchange their energies. Acupuncture  is a technique  in which the acupuncturist  prick fine needles at specific point in a specific way to correct the excess or the diminished energy generation by the organs. So all the diseases can be cured by balancing this imbalance of  yin and yang Qi . World Health Organization has recognized this homeostatic ( Balancing) effect of acupuncture.

The secretions of all enzymes or hormones responsible for the growth and proper functioning of of the cell and organs of the body can be corrected by Acupuncture. Thus Acupuncture is the most Natural Way Of Cure Without any external medicine by correcting the body’s immune system.

MELATONIN and CARTISOl are the hormones that are responsible for regulating the sleep cycles and improving the quality of sleep. Melatonin helps falling asleep and cortisol is required for sleep quality that is for sound sleep.When these secretions are misaligned one suffers Insomnia.

Sleeping medicines has so many side effects and are habit forming. Every sleeping Medicine stops working at one point of time and we have to jump on the higher dose.Acupuncture helps maintaining this balance without any side effects and can cure sleeplessness permanently.

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