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Depression is the most common disease these days and the number of patients is increasing day by day. Though a family history of the disease is considered one of the major factors but day to day stress or sudden emotional or mental shock can excite the hidden disease anytime. There are many types of depressions. Sadness, irritability, feeling of worthlessness, change in sleep- appetite- weight or sexual behavior, indifference to daily duties, and suicidal thoughts are the most common symptoms of all types of depressions.


Major depression– When a patient is under severe depression for most of the days of a week.

Bipolar disorder– When there are phases of Depression alternating with hilarious mood, grandeur, and hyperactive behavior.

Psychotic depression– When there are additional symptoms to the symptoms of major depression like

Hearing or seeing imaginary voices and images ( Hallucinations)

False beliefs about the people and situations ( Delusions)

Being suspicious about the people that they are trying to harm him, being victimized, superiority feeling, tendency, and capacity of arguing over minor issues in a very organized and intelligent way. (Paronia)

Persistent depressive disorder– Persistently sad moods.

Peripartum (Postpartum) depression– Behavior disorders, depression and hallucination during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Situational depression– Depression after a shock like the death of loved ones, loss of business, heartbreaks, etc.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PM DD)-When the symptoms of depression are related to the menstrual cycle of a woman. Usually, these are the days before the commencement of menses.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)– When symptoms of depression come with the seasonal change.

Atypical depression–This is not a typical type of depression. When the depression temporally improves with positive events of daily life.


1. Aur. met- depression with a feeling of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts

2.Lachesis – depression during or after menopause. Also very helpful when the depression is due to domestic calamities especially when it is associated with sleeplessness

3.Pulsatilla– depression of the girls at puberty or of sensitive women who are always ready to weep

4.Nat. Mur– it is indicated when the depression is the cause of disappointments, unachieved goals, heartbreaks or undemonstrative grief

5.Ignatia- sudden onset of the depression after hearing or seeing any unfortunate incident like death, accident, sudden loss or failure

6.Staphisagria– depression due to suppressed emotions, wounded honor or suppressed sexual desire

7.Carcinocinum– when there is a family history of depression, harsh bringing up or too early responsibility

8.Ant. crud– depression  of young persons who are too sentimental especially in the moonlight

9. Opium- This is medicine is not to be confused with a crude form of opium. This is a potentized homeopathic medicine Indicated when depression is the result of extreme fear or a mental shock (sudden)

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