Homeopathic Treatment For Piles , Hemorrhoids

Homeopathy Treatment For Piles ( Bleeding. Non-bleeding, Painful or Painless )
Some Tips that can be useful
1 Take maximum fluid and fibrous diet to avoid constipation.
2 Stop taking chilli and other types of spicy food.
3 Assure comfortable seat for you if you are doing a sitting job.
4 Sit in Warm water tub for few minutes in case of pain.
5 Avoid Long sitting, long-standing if you can.
Lying on the stomach or on a side is the best position for rest.

These are few Homeopathy Medicines for piles

1 Aesculus h …2 Kali Carb….3 Nat Mur….4 Ledum Pal.
5 Alumina…6 Ratanhia…7 Collinsonia…8 Sulpher
Ask your doctor to choose from them

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