Homeopathic Treatment For Gastric And Psychological Diseases (Gut Brain Axis)

Gut Brain

Although gastric and psychological diseases are not always linked together, sometimes there is a strong connection between them. These diseases are rarely life-threatening but they squeeze the spirit and happiness of life.

Little excitement starts a cramp in the stomach or abdomen and induces an urge for stool or vomiting. Children often vomit before going to school or after a rebuke. Simple food trouble the patient with disorders like pain, abdomen, flatulence, acidity, constipation, loose motions, frequent stool after eating or drinking ( Irritable Bowel syndrome), sour/bitter eructations, vomiting, etc.

If these problems last for months and years they make the patient’s life miserable. Neither he can eat anything outside nor can he go anywhere freely, because he is always conscious of his bowls. This affects his daily life and makes him irritable, anxious, angry or depressed. It may disturb his sleep pattern too.

The worst part is that the tests like ultrasound, endoscopies, x-rays, and blood tests are normal. When he goes to a gastrologist he refers him to the psychologist and the psychologist back to the gastrologist after giving him some tranquilizers or sedatives.

This forces the patient to think that he is suffering from some serious and incurable disease that is not being diagnosed. The patient wanders from doctor to doctor and gets similar types of medicines and advises of do’s and don’ts.

We at holac clinic phase 7 Mohali are treating such types of diseases with Homeopathy and Acupuncture. Every patient of the same disease has a different cause of his suffering. One may have bad food habits / disturbed eating time, the second may have mental stress/anxiety and the third may have some ulcer or simple swelling as the reason.

So there are not patent or common medicine as in allopathic for all the patients.  Homeopathy treatment is the art of matching a single medicine to the patient. So individualization is the key factor to cure the patient permanently. Same way Acupuncture helps in maintaining balance in gastric and other body secretions Homeopathy and Acupuncture enable a patient’s natural resistance to fight & cure the diseases without harming his physical & mental health.                                             


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