Leucorrhoea and Homeopathy

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  • Leucorrhoea

    Leucorrhoea is a  vaginal discharge produced by the cells of the vagina and cervix. This is a mixture of liquid, cells and bacteria to lubricate and protect the vagina. It can appear at any stage of female life. When it happens in adolescent females it can be a sign of first menses and PUBERTY. It is normal when discharge is thin, white, bland, and without any smell. But when it becomes yellow, offensive and causes itching or irritation then it can be due to infection, malignancy or hormonal imbalance.

  • Leucorrhoea is classified into three types
  • Physiological Leucorrhoea  It is a natural defense mechanism of the vagina to maintain its chemical balance, as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. The term “physiologic leukorrhea” is used to refer to leukorrhea due to estrogen stimulation.
  • -In pregnancy, it is because of the increased blood flow to the uterus.
  • – In infancy, it is due to exposure of the fetus to the intrauterine Estrogen.
  • Inflammatory Leucorrhoea 
  • It is the result of inflammation or congestion of the vaginal mucosa. when it is yellowish or offensive, it could be a sign of several disease processes, including an organic bacterial infection or 
  • After delivery, leukorrhea accompanied by backache and foul-smelling lochia may suggest the failure of involution (the uterus returning to pre-pregnancy size) due to infection. A number of investigations such as wet smear, Gram stain, culture, pap smear, and biopsy are suggested to diagnose the condition.
  • Parasitic Leucorrhoea  Leukorrhea is also caused by trichomonads, a group of parasitic protozoan, specifically Trichomonas vaginalis. Common symptoms of this disease are burning sensation, itching and discharge of frothy substance, thick, white or yellow mucous.

Homeopathic Treatment

  • There are safest and sure Homeopathic Remedies to cure for Leucorrhoea. These are a few of them Alumina. Borax, China Calcarea Carb, Kreosote, Graphites Medorrihnum, Merc sol, Nat Mur, Nit.acid, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulpher.
  • Must not be consumed without the guidance of a Homeopathic Physician.
  • Maintain Good local Hygiene. Wash your genitals with simple lukewarm water or mild soap water. Always maintain  Natural vaginal pH that is slightly acidic. So avoid using scented soaps and gels. The scents can irritate the area. Avoid using hair remover creams. Never shave your pubic area so heard and avoid cuts as it invites unwanted bacteria.