Allergy And Its Homeopathic Cure

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Nasal Allergy

Allergies are the most common cause of illness in children and adults. This includes simple sneezing and running nose to severe recurrent colds with a blocked nose, itching in eyes, ears, and face, profuse watery discharge from eyes with headache and fever. Normally it is related to a change of season or any exposure to dust smoke or strong odors. This can cause inflammation of the membranes of sinuses that condition is called allergic sinusitis Here we will discuss allergy its Homeopathic cure

A family history of allergies is often the main cause of the disease. Allergies have two favorite places two settles in the body which are the skin and respiratory tract. If not cured it keeps on shifting from one place to another. That is why the patient suffering from allergic cold often suffers from skin problems of different kinds.  Persons with an allergy if not treated may lead to deeper types of allergic conditions like asthma and eczema.


Steam Inhalations Is Useful

There are many words that are being used by doctors for allergic diseases. Which makes the patient curious to know about.

Rhinitis-This is simply the condition that causes a watery nose and eyes with itching in nostrils’ eyes ears and face. It is the swelling of the inner layer of the nose due to allergy.

Sinusitis– Sinuses are four hollow spaces in our face bone behind cheeks eyebrows and jaw bone. they produce mucous to clean up the bacteria. In this condition, the lining of the sinuses inflames and causes pain, the heaviness of the area concerned along symptoms of the common cold. Usually, there is a blocked nose and thick nasal discharge.

Asthma- When there is difficulty in breathing especially while breathing out with wheezing whistling, breathlessness, and cough. Normally it is at night or during exercise or exposure to irritants like dust smoke and odors.

Consequences of Suppression of Allergy

Suppression of allergic diseases may lead to many serious types of diseases like joints pain, TB, blood pressure, migraines and even heart diseases. according to the allopathic system of medicines, the allergy is not a curable condition and can only be managed with regular or time to time anti-allergic medicines or steroids. These medicines have their own side effects thus can not be taken for longer periods. For allergies, its homeopathic cure is the best way to stay healthy.


For allergies, its homeopathic cure one should take homeopathic remedies not only to treat its acute phases but as a constitutional treatment according to homeopathic rules of simlimum and totality. Based on this law the patient’s general physical, mental, and psychological health should be considered for the purpose of making a prescription. We at holac CLINIC make it sure to abide by the law of Homeopathy to cure each and every disease. It is to cure the man in disease not the disease in man. That is the true way of cure which not only relieves the symptoms for which the patient came to the doctor but also enables his immune system strong to fight other disease conditions.

FOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS– Vitamine C tablets, Vit C rich food especially all citric fruits.

Citric Fruits and Vitamine C tablets are of great help

Other Immuno booster supplements also help to cure Nasal allergies.


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