Acne Rosacea Cured With Homeopathy

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This condition is commonly known as the acne of the adults.There are red pustular pimples with visible blood vessels on the face. These keep on coming and going.If left untreated it can lead to permanent flushing and big pustular pimples on face and nose.

There can be permanent nodular swelling of the nose.It occurs more in females and people with fair skin.

An exact cause is not known but Alcoholic drinks, spicy food, anxiety, stress, sun heat, hot drinks or some medications such as blood pressure medicines increase the risk of acne rosacea.

These are the photographs of a 30 years patient suffering from Chronic Acne vulgarisĀ since her puberty. that turned to Rosacea . Patient never responded to any treatment.Frequent courses of strong antibiotics stopped even temporary suppression .

She started Homeopathic treatment From Holac Clinic on 9-01-2018.New Pimples almost stopped and the old ones gradually healing after about four months treatment .Scars and skin texture will also improve with the treatment of another few months.

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