Homeopathic Treatment For Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS

Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS

This is a disorder of the hormones in a female with enlarged size of the ovaries and development of few water filled cysts on the outer side of the ovaries. Symptoms vary from the simple cosmetic issues like acne,obesity, facial hair to irregular menses and infertility.

Common symptoms

 Gynecological disorders.

    A. Irregular messes.
    B. Absence of menses for many months
    C. Short and scanty bleeding at every cycle
    D. Spotting for many days may be for whole month till the next cycle.
    E.  Painful periods
    F.  Infertility / sterility.

 Metabolic Disorders

    A. Weight gain in spite of proper diet control and exercise.

Cosmetic Problems

    A. Hair growth on face and other body parts where woman usually has very little or no hair growth.
    B. Hair fall ( HEAD )
    C. Acne. Pimples

Behavior Changes

A. Depressive Mood

B. Irritability

Homeopathic Treatment

1. There is a safe and sure treatment for PCOD in homeopathy.
2. Treatment is patient specific. Same treatment  may not work for every patient. So every patient require proper individualization.
3 . Duration of treatment may vary from one to two years.
Acupuncture Treatment
1 Acupuncture treatment in addition to Homeopathy  brings the fastest cure.
2 It helps to balance hormones without taking hormonal medicine.
3 It helps reducing the obesity and curing Acne and slows downing unusual hair growth.
4 It stops hair fall.
5 It assures the normal conception and safe pregnancy.


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