5 Top Homeopathic Remedies For Migraine

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Headaches are very common in people nowadays. Even mild stress or heaviness in the head can disrupt the whole day; the severe throbbing pain can make it worse. Such an extreme form of headaches is migraines. 

Common symptoms related to migraines are throbbing pain can be accompanied by nausea, intolerance to bright light, and noise. Some of the causes of migraine as per the best homeopathic doctor are exposure to the sun, hunger, stress, and many other common issues.

The painkillers and other medications which are taken into consideration of the pain in migraine only provide a temporary solution. In this case, you can always get another migraine attack, so instead of taking chemical drugs and wait for side effects to occur why not choose a safer and effective option like homeopathy. 

The plus part of using homeopathy for headaches is that these treatments are all customized as per the need, symptoms, and personality of the patient. 

Here are the 5 best remedies used by the doctors of Homeopathic clinics that can help fight migraines:

1.Belladonna – For sudden headaches with sensitivity towards light, noise, and touch, this is the most useful remedy. Pain experienced is violent and throbbing, it is a remedy that works excellently for headaches and is also useful in women who suffer from headaches before menses. 

2.Iris Versicolor – This medicine is useful for people who get a frontal headache or headaches on the right side. Beginning with visual disturbances and blurry vision, the headaches can also be associated with extreme nausea and upset gastric level. 

3.Natrum Muraticum – This remedy is useful for the headaches triggered due to grief or emotional upsets and it is very helpful in school-going ones. There can be intolerance to light and the patient feels better in dark. 

4.Glonine – It helps with sudden headaches which can be triggered by exposure to heat or sun and are common in kitchen workers or the ones working under electric light. The best homeopathic doctor suggests cold application in this type of headache.

5.Nux Vomica – This type of remedy is used for the headaches triggered by overeating, lack of sleep, alcohol intake, prolonged office work, overstudy, sedentary lifestyle, financial loss in business, or any mental exhaustion. Patients are dependent on stimulants like coffee or tobacco and headaches can be associated with vertigo and has a lot of acidity and flatulence. 

The suggested treatments by Homeopathic clinic in chandigarh are taken under prescription and medicines are customized from patient to patient.