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Any quick onset of an irrational fear of any object and situation that lasts more than six months is called PHOBIA. It is a type of Anxiety Disorder and can lead to serious psychiatric diseases if not treated well in time. People with phobia tend to avoid objects or situations and suffer from great stress. Fainting and panic attacks are very frequently experienced by patients of this kind.

There are three types of Phobia

Specific Phobia 

This is the most common type of Phobia. there are certain types of fear

As the fear of some animals like birds, dogs, insects, snakes, etc.

Fear of injuries, blood, accidents.

Fear of natural environment situations, heights.

Fear of any specific objects or situation because of any negative experience in the past or childhood.

Social Phobia

This is the fear of any situation like public meetings, interviews.

When a person feels that people are observing or judging him.

His confidence level falls all of sudden and he feels great physical and mental stress.


This is a fear of some situations when a person feels that there is a difficulty of escaping danger.

Like fear of suffocation in the bathroom or in the lift.

Fear of open spaces, fear of narrow places.

Fear of contamination Often leads to OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder) Like frequent washing of hands or his/her personal articles.


Exposure therapy-Frequent exposure to that Object or situation that scares the patient until that fear is gone.

Counseling- Support from family and friends.

Medications-Allopathy -There is no specific cure for Phobias

Homeopathy-There are wonderful medicines to cure Phobias. Which are not habiting and are free from any side effects.

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