Thyroid Disease And Its Homeopathic Cure

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The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland situated in the middle front of the neck. it produces the thyroid hormones which is among the most important hormones of our body and controls or affects the growth and functioning of every organ and system. Its function itself is controlled by the pituitary gland of the brain.
Change in its shape and function produces many diseases.

Hypothyroidism- This is the condition when the thyroid gland starts functioning slowly or stops functioning at all.

Common Symptoms are….
A Fatigue
B Obesity
C Irregular Menses ( Females)
D Hair fall
E Mood changes
F Delayed Puberty or slow growth

Hyperthyroidism ( Graves disease/ Goiter )- In this condition functioning of the gland increases and the common symptoms are…..


A.Nervousness, anxiety.
B.Tremors (trembling of the hands and fingers).
C.Irregular menses, such as scanty bleeding or less frequent periods, in women.
D.Sensation to heat.
E.Excessive sweat.
F.Changes in bowel
G.An enlarged thyroid gland (called a goiter), which can appear as swelling at the base of the neck.
H.Fatigue /Tiredness.
I.Weakness of muscles.
J.Difficult sleep.
K. Increase in appetite.
L. Weight loss.
M. fast /abnormal heartbeat,
N. Protrusion of eyeballs

Homeopathy can cure this condition. Two to five-year treatment is required as compared to taking life long hormone medicine